Poised 4 Success Academy

A Message for Moms:


With years of experience raising 6 children (3 girls and 3 boys) and 30+ years working in the image and beauty industry, I've dedicated my life and career to transforming the way women and teens view themselves and help them transition with confidence at any stage in life.


The necessary “survival skills”  we teach at the Poised 4 Success Academy will be invaluable to your daughter during the most vulnerable and formative time in their life.


By learning to love themselves and let go of others expectations, they will learn the value of self-respect to create a positive foundation leading them on their journey through a life filled with happiness, confidence, and success.

Teen "Role" Models


The Poised 4 Success Teen Role Model Training is an exceptional hands-on program that provides you with expert knowledge and techniques to navigate yourself through life while gaining Clarity, Confidence, and Personal Empowerment.

When you are confident, truly enjoy meeting others, and believe in yourself no matter the outcome of any situation, your attitude is observed by others around you and can make or break your image forever. The Poised 4 Success "Teen Role Model" program, promotes the principle of authenticity as the true foundation for self-confidence.  "Models" learn the importance of embracing their authentic self from head to soul. 

  • Attract Positive Opportunities & Friendships

  • Master the Art of Heels & Rock your Walk

  • Own a Winning Visual Presentation 

  • Create a Wardrobe that Enhances Your Personality

  • Hairstyling/Grooming

  • Communicate with Confidence 

  • Glam up Your Makeup With YOUR Style

  • And SO much more...

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