When to Turn off the Chatter and Listen

Everywhere we turn there seems to be a new opinion, a new rule, a new conspiracy theory, a new poll… everyone is right, everyone is wrong. Everyone believes their perspective is the truth.

It’s as if we’ve misplaced the art of critical thinking and thinking for ourselves.

Every single one of us has the right and privilege as a human being to think for ourselves.

Although fear, being a natural emotion we were born with for the intent of survival, it seems to be on steroids right now creating havoc in our minds leaving us feeling paralyzed and hyper-sensitive to everything.

Fear can come in all different forms. It’s not always like a 2 X 4 across the forehead. Currently, it has a sneaky way of seeping in under the radar disguised as solid or truthful information.

I’ve always said, there are 3 sides to every story and was recently enlightened that there may actually now be 4. Your side, the other side and somewhere in the middle and added to that…the side of all the forms of the media.

So, the question is then, WHO are you going to trust with all the chaos, emotions, energies swirling aimlessly around you. Who?

My answer to you is YOU! Stop…just stop for a moment…

Turn off the chatter…

…now count slowly to 10 and take a moment to breath in silence.

Who better to trust than yourself, the person who has lived with you for your entire life? The person that knows you best. The person that has ALWAYS had your best interest in mind.

Why have we been so quick to give this freedom away, this relationship that we have spent our lives developing, to someone or something that really doesn’t know you the way you know you.

Yes, we have all grown up with outside influences and those influences can sometimes be VERY hard to break away from but guess what… You still and always GET TO choose what YOU believe, who YOU want to be and what YOU will except.

Stop listening to all the chatter and listen to your soul, what you know to be true based on the information you have.

I choose not to live in fear, I choose to be present… I choose to be real.

What do you choose FOR YOU?

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