I looked around as I carefully got ready to venture out of my car and into the grocery store for the first time since this pandemic began.

Mask – check

Hand sanitizer – check

Grocery list – check

I knew the layout of the store and exactly what I was going to purchase. One, two, three…Break. I was off.

By the time I got to the back of the store I had to stop. Something felt different.

I looked around and realized something was missing.

There was no one making eye contact, no small talk, no smiles, (which you couldn’t really see anyway), and all I felt around me was a sense of fear and full on focus.

I get it. I truly do. But this can’t be the new normal?

Our human nature is to connect.

That’s when I realized my favorite story from Chicken Soup for the Soul had to come to life. The making a difference, one person at a time was my new mission.

I realized over the next few times I went out in public, how isolated I felt on the other side of this new facial accessory.

Instead of people catching eyes to say hello, they were staring at face masks and concentrating on walk-byes 6 feet apart.

I kept thinking to myself, this is SO weird.

If this feels familiar you are not alone. This disconnected feeling is real.

Like many, I was relieved when the restrictions began to lift, and I could finally get off this island and things would be “normal” again.

Little did I know that being in public would have a whole new feeling for normal.

“If You Want Different Results, You Have to Try Different Approaches.” Albert Einstein

During this COVID-19 crisis, I’ve gone out of my way to genuinely ask my cashiers and baggers how are they doing and even at times have asked if they would like to choose a candy bar.

I say “hello” to those re-stocking the shelves and smile at the people I am passing, challenging myself with eye contact. I keep extra dollars to give to the drive-through windows and leave a bigger tip.

Uplift Your Spirit Through Color

If you personally want to uplift your spirit and bring energy back to your life, try adding a pop of color to your daily wardrobe.

It is the first thing people notice and has the ability to create better moods and leave positive impressions.

Depending on the mood you are trying to create you can try:

Bright and light colors to stimulate happy feelings,

Soft and muted colors to create a sense of calmness and

Dark and deep colors to create a dark, mysterious and sometimes depressed mood

When color is not in harmony it leaves the viewer feeling bored or confused. Likewise, color harmony creates an inner sense of order and is pleasing to the eye.

Color is an invaluable resource and when understood and used correctly can change your life.

Try this: Put on your favorite outfit, you know, the one that you feel great in and get compliments.

Then, try on an outfit that although still hangs in your closet for some reason, you seem to put on but immediately take off.

Pay attention to the energy of each outfit and as you get dressed each morning try to create the same positive energy as you had in your favorite outfit.

You have permission to feel great in everything you wear from this day forward. When you feel good your positive energy will radiate and you will feel more connected positively influence others around you.

If this is overwhelming or you need help understanding which colors you are best suited for, let’s have a chat.

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