My mentor and friend Dr. Sherry Buffington once shared with me the equation to developing confidence which is this –

Knowledge + Experience + Positive Feedback = Confidence.

However, because there are many unknown factors in regard to COVID-19 and the virus being unfamiliar, it is difficult for anyone to give positive feedback to build the confidence to go forward with their life before the pandemic.

So how are we to develop confidence with this invisible and potentially dangerous adversary lurking among us?

First, know that we are all in this together. You are not alone.  This is affecting the ENTIRE world.

WOW! THE ENTIRE WORLD!  Think about that for a moment…

I never thought I would be alive to be a part of and witness one of the greatest if not the greatest pandemics in history.

The thought of this as well as the contradicting myriad of information at our fingertips is what I believe has left many of us paralyzed with fear, a fear of the unknown.

So the real question is, when you look back at your younger self in a few years WHO do you want to see?

You are a part of history in the making.

Future generations are going to analyze, watch and learn and each and every one of us has the potential to truly inspire generations to come.

I don’t know of a single person who has not dealt with adversity. Some of the stories I have listened to over the years have brought my very soul to tears.

No one wants it.

No one asks for it.

And yet, they have lived through it and many have used their tragedy to inspire and help others overcome obstacles.

What I have found to be common thread from people who have overcome such hurdles is this…

THEY all became STRONGER…

They ALL became STRONGER…


We all need to step aside, for real.

The reality is, COVID-19 is not going away any time soon.

So get out of your way and decide where you want to go from here.

Yes, your life has changed as you once knew it.  Yes, it’s hard to take that step forward, it’s not a pleasant feeling to step into the unknown, for anyone.  But here are YOUR choices:

1: Stay where you are hunkering down and wait it out.


2: Take that step. It doesn’t have to be a big first step it just needs to be taken…then your next and continue moving forward.

The speed in which you proceed is up to you. But, by taking these forward steps you have now become an integral element in the process of working towards a successful outcome.

If you continue to keep making forward progress Confidence in your process and abilities are inevitable.

“I believe everyone is capable of achieving endless possibilities.  To achieve happiness and success you must truly know who you are. When you love yourself and let go of others’ expectations, only then do you hold the blueprints to creating unlimited success.  My goal is to help you realize your potential, achieve confidence, and have faith in your own abilities.  Once you believe in yourself, success is inevitable!”

If you want help breaking it down for you to help you move forward, please reach out. My goal is to help you step into your spotlight and reach your potential.

Kim MittelstadtHelping you feel confident and beautiful inside & out, Kim Mittelstadt

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