Right after 911, my husband who was active duty, was called away for a yearlong remote tour. Leaving me at home with 6 children and the youngest being only 2. There isn’t much I remember about that year, besides rolling out of bed every morning and back in every night.

I was so exhausted, emotionally, and physically. But every morning I would get up, shower, put on my makeup and style my hair. I never left home without feeling pulled together.

One day I had someone ask me, why would I take time to put makeup on, or pull myself together, after all my husband was not home.

My first thought was…What?? Why wouldn’t I?

My response was “I do it for me”.

I realized my answer meant to me “Mommy Hood.” That was my ministry. I needed to be my best self, no matter who was watching. Allowing myself the grace for a little time for myself, I started my day feeling positive and empowered. Trust me, I needed it too.

Personal Style

Have you ever identified what your true style type is? Being in the image and beauty industry for well over 30 years, even I have changed styles at various stages of my life. I believe our style type can, does, and should change as we grow into ourselves.

Most peoples are attracted to a combination of style types. This can make it difficult to build a working wardrobe without the knowledge of how to combine different pieces to create multiple looks.

Did you know that you can take nine pieces of clothing and just by knowing what colors and pieces to choose you can create 27 different looks? Ladies, just as you clean out your refrigerators and pantries, it is just as important to do regular inventory on what’s hanging in your closets.

You visit your closet daily and it sure can be a mood changer if you start your day off feeling overwhelmed or defeated because you have no clue what to wear.

Letting Go

After having twins (child 3 and 4), I literally went through my closet FOR REAL. For the first time in my life I literally removed 5 HUGE bags of clothes.

I was so nervous to take them to donate, that they sat in my garage for a month…just in case there was something in there I …just…might…need… Of course, there was not. I did good!

Do you have pieces that you feel emotionally attached to? You are not alone. In fact, you are part of the majority. There is something about “it” that you just cannot pin-point, so it stays in the orphan section longing to belong.

You put it on only to take it right off. Or, you are just not feeling the color or the fit, or maybe it’s the texture…you just can’t put your finger on it.

I have worked with many women who literally had so many pieces stuffed into their closets, it was no wonder they were frustrated.

Well, I am here to tell you that if you do not feel simply fabulous in the clothes you have, then it’s time to figure out why. Either fix it by altering, or let it go. Yes! I give you permission to release them to the style gods and let them go!!


Once we work through the good, the bad, and the not so pretty… You are going to love the outcome of refreshing your wardrobe. I have yet to have a client who was not thrilled with the results.

It does not matter if you are a CEO or a stay at home mom… YOU ARE YOUR BRAND!

YOU have every right to love your style, feel fabulous and ROCK your look every day of your life. No matter whether you are stuck inside, or going out for a quick errand, give yourself the gift of feeling confident and energized.

This is YOUR life!

Allow me to help you create your brand and never estimate the power of a working wardrobe that fits your brand. Please reach out.

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