Image Consulting


              your image is talking...


It's a fact...

...that women everywhere have wardrobes full of clothing they don't wear because the clothes don't make them feel good.

...each day I hear women frustrated with their weight, not sure what style or color looks good on them and inevitably walk out each morning never quite feeling pulled together.  

YOU make a statement with your appearance!

My job is to help your statement be positive and powerful.

Once I teach you the how's and why's you will rock your look and your confidence will soar!

Most women have NO IDEA when it comes to knowing which colors or styles to wear, which ones not to wear and how to wear them.


  • Find yourself so busy taking care of everyone else that you've put yourself on the back burner only ho have woken up one morning wondering who was staring back at you in the mirror?

  • Are you a student ready to go off to college or a recent graduate ready to enter the work force and have no idea want to do for the rest of your life?

  • Ever feel frustrated because you're unable to find suitable clothing for your body type?

  • Want to learn how to choose clothes that compliment your personality, lifestyle and budget?

  • Want to develop your own personal style that REALLY feels like you?

  • Want to learn how to look your best, at all times, and still save money?

  • Want to look younger and more vibrant?

  • Want to project a look of success and self-confidence?


I am here to help you transform your look, your wardrobe and your life.

Your style and image sends a message to everyone you meet ~ from a potential client to a new romantic partner.

So... what messages are you sending?  Are you dressing for your personality and body type?

Are you choosing colors that give you energy?  Are you walking into a room with confidence and purpose?

Your image isn't just about the first impression you leave with others but influences how you feel about yourself and how you face your challenges.

Developing personal style is an evolution and is something learned over time. Our personalities become more focused, our lifestyles change and as we age the colors that once were flattering become less attractive drawing attention to areas you may prefer to camouflage. 


"Step Into Your Spotlight"
  • Become visible and unstuck
  • Become your very best you
  • Go from backstage to center stage
  • become the star you have always wanted to be!

My "Step into Your Spotlight"  self discovery process is a holistic approach to your transformation. By combining colors and styles that will best compliment your skin tone, body type, personality and lifestyle, your image and confidence will go from ordinary to extraordinary and save you time and money because you wont ever be shopping for the wrong clothes or cosmetics again.

Don't wait!  Your free discovery session is waiting!
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