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Everyone Has a Personal Brand. What’s Yours?

August 10th, 2020|Color Tips, Style Insights|

Right after 911, my husband who was active duty, was called away for a yearlong remote tour. Leaving me at home with 6 children and the youngest being only 2. There isn’t much I remember about that year, besides rolling out of bed every morning and back in every night. I was so exhausted, emotionally, and physically. But every morning

How to Feel Less Isolated While Wearing the Latest Facial Accessory

May 25th, 2020|Color Tips, Lifestyle, Style Insights|

I looked around as I carefully got ready to venture out of my car and into the grocery store for the first time since this pandemic began. Mask – check Hand sanitizer – check Grocery list – check I knew the layout of the store and exactly what I was going to purchase. One, two, three…Break. I was off.

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