About Kim Mittelstadt

Since 1985, Kim has changed lives all across America. As a licensed cosmetologist, and graduate of the World Renown Fashion Academy and Quantum Leap University, Kim’s experience and expertise has helped hundreds of women and girls define their personality and refine their style. She has the unique ability, training and experience to help you to take your life from backstage to centerstage with confidence and charisma.

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My Story

As a motivational speaker, published author, and presentation coach, Kim will inspire and empower you. Her experience and expertise have developed into a career blending her love for color and style, with her passion to lead her clients on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

“Nothing compares to the joy I feel when I help my clients discover and embrace their true love of self.”

Her transformations, makeup and hair styles have been showcased in magazines, print and television as well as on the cover of music cd’s, fashion runways, in pageants and more.

She has trained hundreds of makeup artists, coached countless beauti-preneurs and inspired women and teens in all aspects of image development that has culminated in producing numerous style shows, workshops and seminars. She is a former trainer and account executive for one of the largest mineral make-up manufactures in the world and has trained salon and spa owners throughout the nation on how to custom-blend cosmetics, create and build their own successful cosmetic line and business.

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Fun Facts



  • Raised in Santa Barbara California
  • Sun Goddess and Beach Bunny
  • Met my husband on a blind date
  • Wife of a retired military officer and Airline Pilot
  • Mother of 6 children and (which includes but not limited to) motivator, problem solver, event planner, personal chef, appointment scheduler, chauffeur, housekeeper (when under stress I’m kind of neurotic about dust and floors and dishes), sassy, stubborn, silly, witty and even get impatient with menial tasks.
  • “Lolli” to my 2 precious grand babies



  • Baton Twirler
  • Cheerleader
  • Softball player
  • Volleyball player – beach and indoors
  • Cosmetologist (30+ years)
  • Author, speaker, coach
  • Former Salon Owner
  • Former Custom Blend Makeup Bar Owner



  • My why is about helping others find balance among the chaos.
  • Self-worth amongst the he says, she says.
  • Beauty among the scars, hopes, and dreams.
  • and love amongst an ever-changing world that tries to mold us into what society says we ought to be.



Although my journey began when I was a teen, my personal self-discovery journey began in my mid 30’s.  After 9/11 my husband was sent on a remote tour overseas, leaving me with 6 kids alone.  My youngest was 2 years old and I had no choice but to figure out who I was and what I was doing with my life, more for my sanity than for any other reason. I felt like I crawled into bed at night and rolled out in the morning completely exhausted.

I was asked one day by someone why I put makeup on or took time to style my hair every day.  Hubby was gone and it was only me and my 2 and 4-year-old at home, they wouldn’t know the difference. But for me, it did.  It made all the difference in the world.  It was like therapy.  It was my way of ministering to other moms that being a mom was not just taking care of the kids but it was feeling good about myself, I was important too. So my journey began..



You know, sometimes I get so overwhelmed. I am full of brilliant ideas that I just want to curl up in a ball and hide under my covers.  But, then I remind myself of the little starfish story and that it’s okay to not have to touch the world all at once. Rather, it’s in reaching those women, teens, or whomever, that God puts in my path each and every day that I can mentor and coach and help them find balance, love of self and confidence or… just cheer on.

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