About Kim

Kim's Message:


 “I believe everyone is capable of achieving endless possibilities. To achieve happiness and success you must truly know who you are. When you love yourself and let go of others’ expectations, only then do you hold the blueprints to creating unlimited success. My goal is to help you realize your potential, achieve confidence, and have faith in your own abilities. Once you believe in yourself, success is inevitable!”

Her Story


Kim Mittelstadt, Premier Image & Style Strategist has dedicated over 30 years to uplifting and boosting the self-esteem of hundreds of women. She has become a beacon of woman empowerment and guided women of all ages to step out from their shadow and into their spotlight.

Kim is a licensed cosmetologist, retired salon owner, and graduate of the world renown Fashion Academy and Quantum Leap University. Her experience and expertise have developed into a career blending her love for color helping women find their authentic style with her passion for self-discovery and empowerment. 

As a motivational speaker, published author, presentation coach, nothing compares to the feeling of when she has helped a client rediscover their love of self. Kim has always had the ability to draw together the elements of design creating an overall polished look for her clients.  


With her extensive training in color and state-of-the-art tools she is able to educate her clients on how to choose their perfect colors and styles for clothing, cosmetics and hair color to create their signature style. 

Coaching women to become the very best version of themselves and re-discover the joy in their style is her passion. Apart from her work appearing in several magazines, on music CD covers, and on television with her makeup and style expertise, she has also trained numerous beauty professionals advance their careers teaching them state-of-the-art techniques in fashion and makeup.